Friends of Parks - International Network Seminar in Koli National Park in Finland 16.-17.11.2015. See Seminar News here.

See seminar proceedings like recommendations, proposals and presentations (pdf-files) here:

Recommendations and Proposals of the Seminar for the national and international level; list of proposals and the summaries. Text as PDF file here.

Best Friends of Parks Practices in Europe:

Benelli Giacomo. 2015. An overview of Friends of Parks initiatives in Italy: best practices, lessons learned and ways to strengthen partnerships. Text as PDF file here.


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 Welcome to Friends of Ukko-Koli!

Unique Koli National Park in North Karelia is an excellent place for a visit the real Finnish natural and cultural heritage. Koli National Park is a Finnish tentative site for UNESCO World Heritage nomination.

We, Friends of Ukko-Koli Association, will connect you to our work for The National Landscape of Finland, whether you are a foreign student in Finnish university, new foreign settler in Finland, international traveller, camp school pupil or congress visitor.

Find key Koli resarches and study reports, some of them also in English or with English summaries here

Visitor Centre Ukko

Visitor Centre Ukko is the Koli National Park’s information centre. There you can also find a Nature café serving tasty organic coffee and local and Finnish products and handicraft in Nature Shop Vakka!

Friends of Ukko-Koli Association

Friends of Ukko-Koli Association makes you feel yourself as the stakeholder of the Ukko-Koli and Koli National Park!

Be our member and pay the modest membership fee.

 School camps

We promote services of several tested 3-5 day school camp programs. Geology, nature, culture, history… Our Association has been the Lead Partner or Partner in several development projects for camp school services during the years 2000-2008 funded partly by EU LEADER, LEADER+, LIFE, INTERREG and Structural development funds.

Koli Landscape

Activities of the learning module ”Koli Landscape” are primarily designed for two age groups: from 5th to 6th grade and 9th grade. Pupils learn about landscapes, and how landscapes form and change through geological processes and human actions.

The module forms a learning process which consists of several tasks (activities). First, there are orientation exercises to be done at school before visiting Koli. These are followed by a lot of exercises to be carried out during a guided study trip at Koli, after which, the learning process continues at school. (The activities develop pupils’ thinking and problem solving skills. Instruction relies on an investigative, problem centred approach.)

Duration: 3 hours (3-6 grades, 10 pupils/guide), 5 hours (7-9 grades, 15 pupils/guide). Price: 3 hour guided tour 9 euros/pupil, 5 hour guided tour 10 euros/pupil.

School camp prices

Please contact Visitor Centre Ukko, if you want to get a school camp offer.


Phone: + 358 (0)20564 5654

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Food and accommodation services


Food and accommodation services in Koli Village

Food and accommodation services Hotel Koli in National park

Food and experience oriented program services in Koli Harbour

Food and accommodation services Holiday farm Paimentupa by road to Jero lake